Daycare Management App for Parents

Facilitate parent engagement and communication and build a strong connection between your daycare center and parents. Share daily updates on children’s activities and progress through an easy-to-use Daycare Application for Parents available on iOS and Android.

Stay Connected with Daycare: Parent App for Real-Time Activity Updates

Children’s Daily Activities

Give parents peace of mind by easily sharing updates about their child’s day at your centre. Involve parents in their children’s daily activities and learning in real-time.

Simplify Billing Administration

Eliminate late payments and easily share invoices and due dates through automated billing. Parents can view the invoices and due dates from the daycare mobile application.

Track Children Progress

Keep parents connected with their children and make it easy for them to receive, view and download certificates, learning material, and send direct messages.

Daycare Application for Parents

Top Daycare App: Parents Connect & Message Center for Instant Updates

Stay connected from Anywhere

Know how your child’s day goes even when you are in the office. Take a break from your workday and browse through your phone to learn about your child’s mood, food intake, activities, and other needs.

Track children’s Behavior

Get an in-depth view of your children’s behaviors and educational progress. 360Daycare offers a flexible behavior management solution to track and monitor children’s behavior over time and synchronize children’s updates.

Access Learning Material

Stay in the loop and access children’s lesson plans, courses, assessments, quizzes, grades, certificates, and other curriculums. Stay assured and receive real-time notifications and performance reports on your mobile application.
Daycare Application for Parents
Daycare Application for Parents

Admin to parents’ Messaging

Foster admins and parents’ two-way communication through an easy-to-use application and interface where admins can send messages to parents and add any needed attachments. Parents can view these messages from their mobile applications and reply immediately.

Stay on top of payments

The best billing software that enables childcare centres to create parent billing profiles and streamline billing processes by automatically keeping track of payments, and sending invoices and reminders before due dates.

Drive children’s Growth

A comprehensive daycare management solution that helps preschool childcare businesses, teachers, and parents assess a kid’s development, understand their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to support a child’s overall growth.

Best Daycare Mobile Application for Parents

Smart Daycare Management Application For Parents to track payments, and due dates, and get real-time updates on their children’s activities

Best Daycare Mobile Application for Parents

Give parents peace of mind by sharing real-time updates about their child’s activities and learning at the daycare.

Daycare Application for Parents

Let 360Daycare help you maximize the profitability of your business so you can focus on raising up kids.