#1 Childcare Data Management Software

Digitize your child care center operations and boost efficiency. 360Daycare is the ultimate childcare data management software that empowers daycare centers to do their job better by spending more time with kids and less time on other tasks.

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Features-rich Childcare Data Management Software for High-value Work

Make Children’s Data Management at Your Daycare Center Much Easier

Add children with ease

Simplify and digitize the administrative workload related to children’s data management. Create a full profile for each child with all related information accessible from anywhere.

Classify by groups and classes

Create children’s groups based on their level, classes, or groups. Link each class or student group with the assigned teachers to track updates and simplify collaboration.

Digitize attendance management

Say goodbye to traditional children’s attendance sheets and speed up your attendance tracking process with the 360Daycare child care tracking software.
childcare management software
childcare management software

Monitor Absences with Ease

Keep track of children’s absences. Use accurate attendance tracking software to enable admins to easily generate detailed absence reports based on children’s classrooms, groups, or dates.

Track children’s health

Understand your children’s health conditions for better child care. Know each child’s allergies and ensure that everyone knows the action plan in case of an allergic reaction.

Register vaccinations and Medications

Track your child’s health and wellness by having a detailed profile for each child covering his vaccination status. Add medications, doses, frequency per day, and timing.

Track Activities in real-time

Track and share children’s daily activities in real-time. Daycare daily Activities could include meals, naps, learning processes, medications, temperature, incidents, and much more.

Speed Up Pickups Monitoring

Stay informed when pickup plans change and have a complete overview of any new pickups. Parents can add new pickups for their children, specify the relationship, and attach images.

Track children performance

Make reporting on children’s performance much easier. 360Dycare is a complete preschool behavior management software that makes it easy to add and access children’s performance sheets, grades, quizzes, and much more.
childcare management software

Everything you need to run a more efficient Daycare center.

Streamline your children’s data management and other daycare administrative processes- is available to you in one place by using the best childcare management software.

A Comprehensive Child Care Management Software to Stay on Top of All the Daycare Operations

Enhance your daycare management and have a 360-degree bird view of all children’s data, activities, updates, reports, and much more from one place that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

children data management