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Get Informed: FAQs on 360Daycare Management Solution

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360Daycare is a daycare management solution that brings management, children, teachers, and parents together. The system streamlines daily operations and gives admins, parents, and staff the functionalities they need to do their work in a smart way.

Admins can access the daycare management solution from any device connected to the internet using their email and password. Parents and teachers can access the system from an Android or iOS mobile application.

Yes. 360Daycare is designed to be used on a regional and national level so that central operations directors can stay abreast of activities across multiple locations with a single login.

Yes, all of your information is automatically backed up on a daily basis.

It’s super fast. You’ll work with our experts to help with the initial steps to get started.

Once you decide to move to another plan, just request your plan. It only takes a few minutes. It’s simple: select your new plan, get an upgrading code, and enjoy your new license.

Parents can stay up-to-date with their child’s daily activities through the mobile application and directly communicate with admins through messages.

We use modern, advanced security measures in our technology and development environments. Our security measures are based on globally recognized security standards.

Innovative Childcare Management: Responsive Software Dashboards

360Daycare is an all-in-one daycare management solution for everyone in your daycare, including admins, teachers, accountants, and families. The system gives you everything you need to run a successful childcare center while making your life much easier.


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