A Complete Children's Activities Management System

Improve and foster communication with your families with 360Daycre. A Feature-rich Daycare children’s activities management software to organize childcare center operations, digitize working processes and track and share children’s activities in real time.

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All-in-one Daycare Management Solution

Streamlined two-way communication between the daycare center and parents

Build stronger connections between parents and your daycare by providing advanced children activities management and sharing updates & activities straight to their mobile phones with 360Daycare’s flexible and easy-to-use Parent Application, available on iOS and Android devices.

children's activities management

Facilitating Learning in Daycare: A Comprehensive Management System

Some of the daycare children’s activities that you can share with parents
children's activities management

Share real-time moments

Securely share real-time images and activity moments with parents at your Child Care Center, so they feel their child is well taken care of and secure.

Share incidents in real time

Keep parents in the loop by sharing any incidents that happened to their children in the daycare. Add incidents, set the nature of those incidents, and specify the first aid administered.

Share daycare learning activities

Enable improved access to learning resources and updates for all families by sharing the daycare learning activities in the daycare center.

Communicate general mood

Keep parents informed about their children’s mood at your daycare. You can share a child’s mood at a certain time and update it regularly based on the current mood.

Keep track of children health

Feel comfortable about your child’s presence at the daycare and have an eye for everything related to the child’s health, such as temperature, medication, nap time, and bathroom type and time.

Notify parents of needed items

Streamline the communication with parents. 360 Daycare makes it easy for you to communicate with families and notify them of any items you need the child to bring along.

children's activities management

All-in-one Daycare management solution for real-time communication

Flexible children activities management system with smart mobile applications for parents and teachers, where teachers can share activities and general information with the parents in real-time.

Mobile Application for Parents

Streamline and improve communications with parents by sharing all the daily activities and updates through a real-time, easy-to-use, and secure mobile application accessible anywhere.

track your children's activities
share children's activities with parents

Mobile Application for Teachers

Free up your teachers to their main job; teaching, and let 360 Daycare handle the rest. Teachers can easily track and record children’s daily activities and share them with parents in real-time.

The Ultimate Children's activities management Software for Innovative childcare centers

Stay on top of all Daycare activities. Everything you need to manage and centralize all daycare operations, streamline billing and accounting processes, track and register attendance, and facilitate communication between parents and teachers.