Multiple Entities Daycare Management Software

The ultimate Daycare management system for Multiple Entities. Your go daycare solution that helps you record, access, manage, report and communicate in real-time. Multi-user and multi-branches web-based Daycare management solution for administrators, accountants, teachers, and parents.

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All-in-One Daycare Management for Preschools with Multiple Branches

Manage multiple Daycare center data from a single window. Have clear visibility of all working processes and operations in all of your Daycare entities from one system. 360Daycare enables Daycare centers and their branches to record, access reports, and manage their children and employee data and performance records in real-time.

Easily manage your Multiple Entities Daycare or preschool with 360Daycare Management Solutions

Multiple Entities

Scalable Daycare Management System for Multiple-branch Entities

Stay abreast of all Daycare center activities and operations across multiple locations with a single login. 360Daycare is a scalable childcare administrative software designed to be used on regional and national levels.

Comprehensive Parents Management

Organize parents’ information and files in a structured way and link parents with their children to improve and streamline childcare communication. Have a digital profile for each parent that includes all needed documents

Multiple Entities Staff Management

Simplify staff management operations across multiple entities or branches with 360Daycare. Daycare owners can seamlessly add, manage, and control staff records, hiring files, absences, check-ins and outs, salaries, and tasks.

Streamline Daycare Documentations

A comprehensive child care database software allows Daycare admins to upload, organize, share, and retrieve important documents and data in seconds. Files can be accessed and edited anytime from anywhere.

daycare documentation system
multi entities financial management

Multi-branch entity’s Financial Management

Handle billing and invoicing seamlessly across different branches. Easily generate advanced accounting reports to track all money transactions in all of your Daycare centers. Access all financial reports from one place.

Track and Share Daily activities

Have an eye on all children’s activities across different locations. Filter out each child’s daily classroom activities using the activities option within the system. Get an overview of the children’s progress in all Daycare branches.  

Multi-Language and Currency

360Daycare is a scalable preschool management software that meets the needs of big and international Daycare centers where admins can configure the language and set the currencies and exchange rates from settings.  

Smart Childcare Management Software for Multiple Branches Entities

End-to-End Multibranch Management

Streamline your Daycare operations across multiple branches and entities. Easily add your Daycare branch from the “ADMINISTRATION & SETUP” section and then select “Branches”, add the “Branch Name”, and set the “Currency” used in this branch.

One Account for Multiple Entities

  No need to pay for multiple accounts for multiple Daycare branches. You can use the same system, add all branches, and access them all from one single login. Switch between branches from the list of branches.
Multiple Entities