Learning Management Solution for Daycares

Deliver engaging and dynamic learning experiences for everyone in your Daycare center. 360Daycare is a comprehensive learning management solution with advanced features that streamline learning processes and boost efficiency and productivity.

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A Comprehensive learning management solution for daycares

A new generation of Learning Management Soultions

Feature-rich Learning Management system that Provides All the functionality Daycare Centres Need

Courses and subjects’ management

Daycare center admins and teachers can create and control these learning subjects and courses in order to deliver a more engaging learning experience.

Performance Sheet Templates

Track children’s performance and development by creating a customizable and advanced performance sheets. You can export and print sheets for offline usage.  

Generate customizable certificates

Generate customized certificates for each class or group. Define the certificate’s group, title, header, body, and footer. You can also export and print these certificates with ease.  
Learning Management Solution
Learning Management Solution

Daycare Grades Management

Go paperless with the 360Daycare grade management system and manage Daycare grades hassle-free. Eliminate grade errors, and generate customized grade reports.  

Smart Question Banks

Streamline the test-creation process, organize and manage your Daycare assessments in a more efficient way. Track & monitor the usage of your questions.  

Complete Quizzes Management

Save time creating new assessment quizzes, customize every part of the quiz to meet your requirements, Quizzes can be filtered, extracted, and printed.  

Online Sessions Management

Make learning easier through online sessions. 360Daycare supports online learning activities and classroom attendance tracking. Set up sessions timetable, and track the online sessions attendance.  

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Easily create digital lesson plans for all classes and set the timetable. Define the objectives, resources, learning materials, tasks and actions, and assessment.  

Universal Search

Find any required information, files, or learning material with the 360Daycare universal search feature. Get accurate search results from all modules in seconds.  
Learning Management Solution

Best Learning Management Solution (LMS) for Smart Daycare Centers.

The ultimate cloud-based LMS software that empowers large-scale education for childcare and preschool centers.