A smart and Robust Daycare Staff Data Management Software

Streamline staff data management at your daycare center. Track staff check-in/out and absences, add salaries and manage all staff records in one safe and easily-accessible daycare staff management system.

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Proven, cost-effective, and reliable Staff Data Management Software

360Daycare is the best proven, cost-effective daycare management solution to manage all childcare center activities. It provides an outstanding return on investment. Ensure delivering not only higher quality of service but also achieving significant time and cost savings.

Staff Data Management Software to Manage all Data in One Place.

staff data management software

Track attendance records

Easily monitor attendance levels and absences. 360Daycare is the best attendance tracking software that helps you quickly identify any concerns and work to resolve them, providing better control over staffing levels.

Manage All staff Records

Manage daycare staff records and keep important staff information at your fingertips. Maintain detailed monitoring of all personal information, documentation, salaries, and payment information.

Enable digital check-in/out

Save time and improve the accuracy of tracking check-in and check-out records with 360Daycare staff data management software. The ultimate daycare record-keeping software allows you to filter by name, class, date, and time for easy reporting.

Multi-branches staff tracking

Stay connected, engaged, and in control of all the daycare operations in different branches through 360daycare advanced staff management software. Access and manage all staff records anytime and from anywhere

Track Absences

Manage absences transparently and efficiently. 360Daycare is the best attendance tracking software for childcare centers that proves accuracy in tracking absences among your daycare center staff and children. It facilitates generating absence reports in a smooth manner and quick time.

Efficient teachers’ management

Add and manage all staff and teachers’ information from a single place with our advanced preschool management software. Access information about teachers and staff, monitor their attendance and check-in and out, and assign them to certain classes or groups.

staff data management security
staff data management software

Documentation center

Empower your Daycare document management strategy and stop wasting time hunting down important daycare staff files. Create a file for each staff member, including all documents such as the recruiting files, benefits, payrolls, reports, and more.

Set access levels

Customize your staff’s access to the data and functionality available in the 360Daycare management system. Set permission levels based on the staff’s responsibilities and roles.

Leverage extensive reporting

Track staff attendance, check-in and &out, and absence reports regularly. 360Daycare management solution helps you generate daily, weekly, or monthly childcare reports. You can filter and export daily childcare reports for detailed analysis.

Assign Tasks with Ease

Boost productivity and stay efficient while managing and tracking the daycare tasks. 360Daycare makes it easy for admin users to assign tasks to other software users. You can define the task subject, assignee, priority level, due date, and status.

Streamline Salary management

Easily manage and control daycare staff salaries from one place. 360daycare is the best daycare accounting software where you can add all staff salaries. You can define the payment currency, job title, date, and method.

staff data management solution

Digitize your Daycare Processes by Replacing all Other Tools with a Comprehensive Staff Data Management Software