Importance of Blended Learning in Early Childhood Care

Throughout the years, teaching has never stopped evolving. Teachers are constantly trying a variety of strategies and new ways to capture their students’ attention and keep them interested in the learning material.

However, when the coronavirus outbreak started, the education system has been highly affected. Teaching methods need to be rethought. Using new technologies is now necessary to make learning accessible to everyone.

Distance learning was never an option. The pandemic obliged parents, children, teachers, and daycare owners to get used to it. After the restrictions started to be lifted, most of the daycares implemented blended learning to let the children continue learning whether they are in class or at a distance.

Studies have shown that Blended learning is proving to be a viable and vital model for delivering a 21st-century education. With the right preparation, schools, teachers, and students can embrace these new forms of instruction and study for improved learning outcomes.

Here are two main benefits of incorporating blended learning in daycare:

1- Engagement

Nowadays, teachers, students, and parents all have technology devices that they use in their everyday life. Students often engage more easily with the learning material when technology is incorporated because they have a digital space where they are free to discuss and answer questions without feeling the pressure of participating in the classroom.

Engaging in a digital space reduces the anxiety and shyness of some students compared to participating and answering questions in front of the entire class. For this reason, blended learning increases the engagement of the children and leads to a more effective learning outcome for the majority.

2- Personalized learning

Blended learning incorporates a variety of instructional approaches that allow teachers to create activities based on the student’s needs. Data provided by a high-quality daycare management solution also empowers teachers with insights on students to measure their individual learning levels so they can address gaps effectively and provide activities and appropriate lesson material.

360Daycare system helps you manage your classroom and children’s data by adding online sessions, learning materials, follow-up and feedback on students’ progress, and many other notes. You can share them afterward with the parents to encourage the children or draw their attention to a specific issue.

Teaching in a blended learning environment provides teachers with new ways to prepare lessons and deliver instruction, as well as manage the classroom. Learning activities can now be tailored to address numerous learning styles. Students are able to go down their own path at their own pace and those who normally don’t speak up in a large group setting are getting involved in online discussions.

Times are changing and students are changing, blended learning is the new teaching technique that fits the students of this generation. At 360Daycare, we make sure to provide you with all the needed tools to take the teaching experience in preschool to the next level. Start your free trial today!

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