360Daycare - Online Learning for Daycare Students

Challenges, Benefits, and Solutions

Online learning, what an overwhelming situation for everyone! Whether it’s for Parents, children, teachers or daycare owners.

The idea of online education is new and possibly intimidating for many parents especially those who have young learners. The transition to distance learning might seem much more challenging.

However, online learning has been proven to have a lot of benefits. Here’s a list of the top 5 benefits of online learning:

1-Improved accessibility

Students can attend classes and access educational resources from anywhere, anytime and on any device. They can also record the online lectures and download courses so they can access them without internet access if necessary.

2-Improved technical skills

In e-learning environments, children become familiar with a number of digital learning tools which enhances their computer proficiency and online skills like accessing information, communication, and collaboration.

3- Enhanced inclusivity

Some students aren’t comfortable raising a hand and participating in a real classroom with other students watching them. In an online environment, it can be less stressful and much easier to share thoughts with others.

4- Increased student engagement

the combination of multimedia and well-designed instructional material can make learning more fun for students encouraging them to be more engaged.

5- Increased parent engagement

In online learning environments, parents become more involved in their children’s education, providing them with direct support and encouragement. This can result in improved student outcomes.

In order for this new learning experience to be successful, parents and caregivers need support. This is why at 360Daycare, we responded fast to the covid-19 pandemic by adding a full online learning section so that the children will keep on learning and the daycare will keep their business running even at home!

Right now after experiencing successful online learning we are now consulting the teachers on how to do blended learning techniques using our full-fledged solution.

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