Burnout for Daycare Teachers

What do you think makes a good daycare teacher? There are several criteria such as patience, creativity, communication skills and their love for the field.

Great daycare teachers are passionate about their jobs and love what they do but even for the most patient and caring daycare teachers, the risk of burnout is present. Unfortunately, it is a very common occurrence in the field of early childhood education. At some point in their career, they end up getting burnt out.

How to prevent this from happening? Here are few tips we gathered for you

1- Mindful meditation and breathing techniques

These techniques are important to be centered in the present moment and teach accordingly. It will help you be more in control in difficult situations. Make time for yourself during the school day to do a mindful meditation or breathing techniques. You can use your lunch break and schedule small breaks during the day to relax for a few minutes.

Schedule time for yourself after your shift to take your mind off the stresses that come with being a daycare teacher and help you start the next day fresh.

2- Classroom and tasks organization

Organization can remove a big part of stress from your teaching day. 

It is important to use a system of organization to make it easy to find lesson plans, class materials and other necessities. Organizing your daily work will give you more time to innovate and create engaging learning materials and lesson plans. 

By using 360Daycare system, you will save up to 2 hours daily! These are 2 hours of stress lost and 2 hours of relaxation and innovation gained.

3- Classroom and children data management

Students can be a cause for teacher burnout. This is why, it’s very helpful to set rules, routines and procedures inside the classroom to maintain control over challenging students and prevent discipline problems.


360Daycare system can help you manage your classroom and children data by storing the information about each child, how he is behaving, mood updates, what are the activities he is doing and many other notes. You can share them afterwards with the parents to encourage the child or draw their attention to a specific issue.

A healthy and happy daycare teacher lead to happy kids, happy parents and happy daycare owners. This leads to a high turnover for the daycare because parents will always prefer to have happy teachers take care of their children.

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