Preschool Winter Activities in Daycares

The winter season brings unique challenges and opportunities for daycare providers. Keeping preschoolers engaged and learning during the cold winter is crucial for their development. In this blog, we’ll explore exciting preschool winter activities in daycares that can be implemented to make the most of this season.

From indoor snowball fights to creative art projects and educational nature walks, these activities will keep the children entertained and promote their cognitive, physical, and social development.

Benefits of Preschool Winter Activities in Daycares

Engaging preschoolers in winter activities, whether in a daycare or at home, has many benefits beyond the season’s excitement. Here are some advantages to incorporating winter activities into the lives of young children:

Physical Activity and Exercise

Winter often limits outdoor play, making it more challenging for children to get the exercise they need. By introducing winter activities in daycares, such as indoor snowball fights, dancing to winter-themed music, or creative snowflake art, children have opportunities to stay physically active even when the weather is harsh. This promotes healthy growth and development, ensuring they don’t become sedentary during the colder months.

Social Interaction and Cooperation

Many winter activities, like building snowmen or engaging in winter crafts, encourage teamwork and cooperation among children. Sharing materials, collaborating on a project, or participating in group activities fosters social interaction, communication, and relationship-building skills. Children learn to work together, resolve conflicts, and express their ideas in groups.

Cognitive and Educational Development

Winter activities in daycares can be both fun and educational. Activities like winter-themed story time, science experiments involving ice and snow, or math games using snowflakes as counting tools can boost cognitive development. These activities stimulate curiosity, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning, making daycare a dynamic educational environment.

Creative Expression

Winter-themed arts and crafts, as well as imaginative play, allow children to express themselves creatively. Whether designing snowflakes, creating winter-themed paintings, or even performing in a mini-winter play, these activities nurture children’s artistic talents and imagination.

Emotional Resilience and Adaptability

Winter can present challenges, such as the frustration of getting dressed for the cold or dealing with disappointments when an activity goes differently than planned. Winter daycare activities allow children to develop emotional resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. They learn to cope with challenges and become more confident in handling adversity.

Seasonal Awareness and Appreciation

Engaging in winter activities helps children develop an awareness and appreciation of the changing seasons. They understand the natural world and recognize the significance of winter in the yearly cycle. This fosters a connection with nature and an appreciation for the beauty and wonder of each season.

Sensory Exploration

Winter daycare activities offer unique sensory experiences, from the feeling of cold snow on their hands to the sound of crunching ice under their feet. Sensory play in daycares encourages children to explore the world around them, helping them develop fine motor skills and an understanding of their senses.

Holiday Celebrations and Cultural Awareness

Winter activities in daycares provide a platform for celebrating various holidays and cultural traditions. This encourages cultural awareness and inclusion among children. It’s an opportunity for them to learn about the customs and festivities of different cultures, fostering tolerance and respect for diversity.

10 Preschool Winter Activities in Daycares

1. Snowflake Art

Snowflake art activities are perfect for introducing children to the beauty of winter. Grab some paper, scissors, and paint, and watch as preschoolers create their intricate snowflakes. This creative endeavor hones fine motor skills and encourages artistic expression, letting the kids craft their own unique snowflakes.

2. Indoor Snowball Fight

When it’s too cold to play outside, consider organizing an indoor snowball fight using soft, safe materials like plush balls. This energetic and laughter-filled activity allows children to stay active and build their gross motor skills while enjoying the thrill of a snowball fight in the comfort of the daycare.

3. Winter storytime

Winter storytime is a fantastic way to engage children’s imaginations while introducing them to the magic of reading. With a selection of captivating winter-themed books, daycare providers can create an environment where children can explore their love for storytelling, nurturing their language and comprehension skills.

4. Snowman Building

Bring the joy of building a snowman indoors with creative snowman-themed activities. Preschoolers can craft snowmen using cotton balls, construction paper, and googly eyes. This activity allows children to express themselves through art while learning about shapes, colors, and spatial awareness.

5. Hot Chocolate Party

Warm up during the winter with a delightful hot chocolate party. Preschoolers can participate in making their hot cocoa and adding toppings like marshmallows or whipped cream. Not only is it a sensory experience, but it also offers a beautiful opportunity for social interaction and teaches basic kitchen skills.

6. Ice Cube Painting

Ice cube painting brings sensory delight to daycare. Children can experiment with colorful ice cubes, painting with them on paper. This activity engages their senses, fosters creativity, and introduces the concept of color mixing excitingly and uniquely.

7. Winter Nature Walk

Get children outdoors and explore the winter wonderland with a nature walk. Bundle up and go for a stroll, discussing the changes in the environment due to the cold season. This activity promotes an understanding of the seasons, encourages observation skills, and connects children with nature.

8. Winter-themed Crafts

Preschoolers love getting crafty, especially when it’s winter-themed. Craft projects like snow globes, paper plate snowmen, or paper mittens are perfect for creative expression and fine motor skill development. These crafts make for adorable decorations and cherished keepsakes.

9. Snowflake Science

Introduce some simple snowflake science experiments to your daycare. Preschoolers can explore the magic of snowflakes by making salt crystal snowflakes or observing the formation of ice crystals. These hands-on experiments stimulate curiosity and promote scientific thinking.

10. Winter Music and Dance

Music and dance activities provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression. Explore winter-themed songs and dances, helping children develop rhythm, coordination, and a love for music while enjoying the festivities.


 In conclusion, these preschool winter activities in daycares offer diverse experiences for children in daycares. Beyond keeping them entertained, these activities support their cognitive, physical, and social development. Learn more about the best indoor and outdoor play ideas for children in daycares here.

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